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Listen to French music on the go! The playlist is updated frequently with the latest hits in France.


This is not your regular fairy-tale blog about Paris. Life in Paris is a lifestyle blog I created to provide a weekly dose of real stories and experiences in Paris. For anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of navigating Paris, particularly as a foreigner, this blog is for you!  Every time I mention I live in Paris, I get "omg that's my dream! so romantic!". My response is "hmmm ya, no it's not that easy!" 

My goal is to provide insight into my life and those around me to educate, entertain, and share my knowledge if you have French visa questions, if you already live here, or you are considering moving to Paris, or if you are a former immigrant (I don't like to use the word Expat) of France and miss all the craziness! If you are none of the above, I am still pretty sure you'll enjoy what I have to say.

Sooooo, I moved to Paris in August 2012 to study from Mumbai, India, without ever having visited the city, and with my broken French (it's way better now!). Why? I like putting myself in uncomfortable situations to challenge my inner self to grow ultimately. This is how I arrived in Paris and call it my home now. If you think my journey was a piece of gâteau (means sweets in FR), you're wrong! I actually didn't like Paris initially but now, it's grown on me a lot. Paris is a special place and she can be super challenging to integrate into. I struggled a lot, still do to an extent but I learned certain ways along the way to deal with it. I intend to share all of this on my blog so stay tuned!


Sneha Ashtikar

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